My Easter Spread

April 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve finally polished off the last bit of Easter leftovers – phew, I had so much this year! Fortunately it was all my favs: ham, potato casserole (a recipe from my Mother in Law) and Scalloped Casserole (One of my mother’s recipes!) Now that I’m done eating I can finally post some pictures from the occasion…Some of you may have seen my test run I did several months ago, so this is the real deal!

Originally I had planned to do a full out jelly bean bar – that is until I saw the crazy price of jelly beans! Quite costly, I couldn’t believe chocolate candy, which I’m more partial to anyways, came in cheaper than Jelly Beans! So I nixed it and just focused on some of my favorites, jelly beans were involved to though! My little candy bar featured Peeps, 2 different types of jelly beans, Reese’s Pastel Eggs (YUM) and Whopper’s Robin’s Eggs!

The centerpiece of the bar is my Cherry Blossom Branch I made using Martha’s directions…but oppps I forgot to take a picture of it!

I’ve got a sweet nephew who is allergic to peanuts, so I had to make sure that I labeled what everything was so that people knew what he could and couldn’t eat…the Reese’s eggs were out (yay more for me!)
One snowy day this winter I tried to beat the winter blahs with my Sister-in-Law Heidi, the owner and head event planner at Entertain Me Event Planning so we headed off to Christmas Tree Shop and worked on the table decor. I just love all the bright festive spring colors we pulled in! The flower vases are actually soup cans wrapped in pretty paper & a ribbon…simple, cheap and oh so cute!
Each place setting had a little egg bowl with some pink grass and a yummy chocolate bunny for guests to eat.

I made the fruit kabobs as an app…for some reason they didn’t fly off the tray as I would have thought – but the left overs made a great snack/breakfast for me for the next week!
I got this punch recipe from one of the girls on message board! It was delicious and a big hit. It was a can of pineapple juice, frozen concentrate OJ thawed out, and champagne. I also added some frozen pineapple slices and cut up oranges to make it look pretty!
A week before Easter I bought a pre-packaged salad at Wegman’s and I fell in love! I decided to recreate it in bulk…super easy, spinach, feta & Parm cheese, dried cranberries, and croutons. The dressing was a raspberry vinaigrette.
Other sides contributed by family was the scalloped pineapple, potato casserole and broiled asparagus.
You obviously can’t forget the entree, Ham! This was a Costco ham with the honey glaze – aways a hit.

Dessert was probably my favorite part of the meal…I was busy cleaning up dishes that I completely forgot to get pictures! I made my first Cheesecake and o.m.g. it was soooo good! You can find the recipe at All Recipes. It was actually a really easy recipe – I’m sure I’ll use it again! My husband, C, bless his heart, attempted to make cannoli’s – $50 later they were made…it took 2 rounds of filling attempts and several kitchen gadgets later to make them – they were good, but costly, he better make them many more times to make the gadgets worth the $$…C also made some chocolate strawberries!! Yum!

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